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“People do not buy goods and services,

they buy relations, stories and magic”

​- Seth Godin



Did You Know?



of people trust authentic recommendations from people over recommendations from brands selling their own product.

who are we?


The epiphany concept was born from a love of local brands and creative talent.

My vision is to create awareness, expose beauty and increase sales of our local loves and female owned businesses nationally.

The dream to consciously effect change in South Africa by supporting our economy and our people is a mission that is close to my heart.

Epiphany prides itself as authentic marketing ground that collaborates with brands of similar taste, style and aesthetic in a way that encourages the consumer to:

  • Form a trustworthy relationship through third party review and promotion

  • Support these brands both economically and socially in order to increase sales as well as brand awareness

  • Remove the stigma attached to the expense of local vs commercial goods and brands

  • Review their purchases made from Directory Brands thereby sharing an increased number of authentic recommendations

My heart is set on encouraging a conscious consumer who chooses to support local and female owned businesses in South Africa.


As the face and founder of the Epiphany brand, I am very selective when it comes to an Epiphany Directory Listing.

While there is more money to be made in having more brands on board, my focus is exclusivity, quality over quantity, personal relationships, and an authentic focus on listing products that I personally would use and can promote with ease.


It is not in the Epiphany ethos to advocate a brand or product that I do not believe in or particularly enjoy.



what makes epiphany different?

If you are on this page, it means I love your brand and believe it is a great fit for this directory.

It is imperative to me that listings are not watered down but rather are befitting to the ethos and aesthetic of Epiphany. This means that the growth of The Epiphany Brand Directory is slow and organic. I choose brands based on their superior quality, sense of luxury, business ethos, involvement in community and their commitment to bettering our country in some way. Above all, Epiphany epitomises my style and taste as an individual and I will always remain steadfast in this. The fact that I stay true to myself is what is most appreciated by my audience and brand founders alike.

My audience knows that behind Epiphany there is a real person who cares, shares and responds efficiently.

Unlike other directories, our listings have options to serve your marketing needs:

  • As of December 2020 I have introduced a "local list" directory that links straight to your website/Instagram in order for small start ups to get their foot in the door and align themselves with other premium local brands.

  • For more established brands there are three options that are always current, personalised and contain more than just your brands's contact information. These are featured under "Jess's monthly curations" as well as on the "local list" directory above.

    • These are updated on a monthly basis with fresh selections for the month that directly link to your online store.

    • Consumers will have access to my authentic product referrals, personal reviews and new favourite choices for the month.

    • For an example, click here

  • There is one subscription fee charged monthly. There are no affiliate links or commission based charges on top of your monthly fee, and all sales continue to be made through your store. This ensures that you remain in control of your customer relations, stock and parcel send offs. 

  • My goal is to continually direct potential consumers to your online store and social media pages to ensure that Epiphany engagement converts to sales for your brand.

  • Epiphany is designed to be a personal experience for both you as the the brand as well as for our audience/consumer. 

  • Authenticity and community drive my decision-making.

  • The experience of being on the directory connects you to like-minded brands and entrepreneurs. 

  • As a brand on the directory, not only will your traffic, marketing and brand awareness increase, but you will benefit from the business connections made. It has been my experience that the brands on the platform have formed a small community, in which there is often support, advice and collaboration that takes place. You will be aligned with other brands that, I believe, share your values.

Epiphany is a community of founders who care about their brand, their consumers, their relationships, and their fellow local brands. Your listing would be a piece of a much bigger picture, one that we are always striving to perfect. 

what are the stats?


To ensure these numbers continue to rise:

  • I constantly review our vision, evaluate our mission and change our approach to stay up to date with social media requirements and trends, as well as to ensure that we are aligning with our ethos.

  • A budget each month is set aside for:

    • professional photography​

    • Facebook, Instagram and Google ads

    • short courses on brand awareness, social media or digital marketing, to ensure up to date knowledge and expertise

    • graphic design and brand look & feel updates are also done when necessary to ensure a beautiful and alluring aesthetic at all times

  • Recently Epiphany has also diversified to extend brand awareness by arranging:

    • pop-up market​s

We look forward to many more ideas and developments in 2021.

1 April - 30 April - 1 month

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342 546

5 606


1 April - 30 April - 1 month

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8 696

website views



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1 830

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what brands have to say?


We loved being a part of Epiphany brand directory while MRJ was still trading. It has created a beautiful strong sense of community for local small businesses with big hearts. Epiphany celebrates well made local products and shares the hands and hearts behind them. Jess’s eye for all things stylish and aesthetically pleasing along with her appreciation for excellence is translated into a valuable brand awareness for the brands she supports and loves.


Being on the Epiphany directory feels like being part of a family, a family of exceptional woman curated exceptionally by Jess. 

Jess truly is amazing, she goes above and beyond for the brands she has on her directory. 

The best choice I ever made for Yoshi.


My business has been on the Epiphany Directory for the past few months and I cannot recommend it enough.

Jess's attention to detail and authenticity sets her miles apart. You can expect professionalism, honesty and brand growth all wrapped up and presented beautifully!

All other listings on the Epiphany Directory are brands that I am very proud to be sitting alongside. Thanks Jess for your incredible work ethic and for always going that bit extra.


We’ve developed a great partnership with Shop Epiphany and Jessica’s dedication to SKOON. is evident in all aspects of the business. We appreciate her attention to detail, creative approach and love for local female-led brands.

Max and I have been part of the Epiphany family from the very beginning and our journey with Jess has been nothing short of amazing. We’ve loved Epiphany's shift from stockist to directory, and can see how the experience and intuition gained from that previous retail experience has only elevated Jess' eye for and marketing of artisanal South African brands. This understanding as well as her personal touch – from regular check-ins to going beyond what is required within the directory - makes for a platform that is a cut above the rest. Jess’ authentic approach, engagement and organisation make our partnership with this local, female-owned brand curation a no-brainer!


Although new, I think The Epiphany Directory has established itself as one of the best South African directories for good quality local, luxury products. Their passion to support us businesses is so evident in the way Epiphany constantly researches, posts, promotes and innovates to create exposure for its brands. 

Every month Jess writes new reviews for products from each brand with a beautifully personal tone that is so refreshing to read and shows that she has gone through every item in every brand, knowing her clients and their products well. Jess is an amazing person to work with and Epiphany is definitely worth being a part of.


We are so happy to be affiliated with Epiphany. 

Jess is fantastic at what she does and her attention to detail, aesthetics and marketing on her stunning directory is always done with 100% passion and love which shows through in every facet of her business.  

Plus, her prices are very affordable. 

We cannot wait to grow with this very promising brand.

“I absolutely love working with Epiphany - Jess is incredibly talented and not only passionate about her own business, but all of the amazing brands she hosts on Epiphany. Everything about our partnership is supportive and it adds an authentic spin on marketing efforts. Thanks Jess!”


I have loved being a part of Epiphany. I am able to be on a platform that supports woman in business and woman in local business. Jess has done an incredible job in highlighting the best, and the best upcoming local businesses in South Africa, she has made her mark with Epiphany ensuring it stands out as the country’s leading local directory. Epiphany has brought awareness to Lucia, and in turn woman with the same aesthetic have instantly bought from Lucia. Im proud to be on this directory and everything it stands for.


Jessica Campbell has been such a gift to our company. We love working with her. She has such a beautiful, bubbly personality and is extremely professional. She goes above and beyond for her clients and out of her way to help you grow your business. Everything Jess puts together is beautiful, current and on trend. 

She has a gift for making you very excited and proud about your brand (that you were already passionate and excited about), just by the way she highlights and talks about you and your business. She brings such a breath of fresh air to the media world.

Shop Epiphany has highlighted our company and pushed us to new levels, even during these very trying times. We are so lucky to have found Jess and feel so privileged to work with her. 




Epiphany has been my go to since Jess first launched this gem back in 2018 - for all things fabulous, ethical and 100% on trend. When I started The Rare Collective, there was no doubt in my mind that Epiphany was the directory I wanted and needed to be a part of. If you've ever had a chat with Jess, you'll find out straight away that Jess & Epiphany are mirror images of each other! Both the owner and directory are passionate about all things local as well as supporting our female makers. Thank you Jess, for your authenticity on your social media feed, making our days a little brighter, and allowing us makers to be better together. 

I have two businesses that I signed up with the Epiphany Brand Directory a few months ago. 

I have honestly enjoyed my time so far with Jess, she is amazing at communication as well as giving you great insight on a monthly basis!

I have made a few sales via her directory, and I am positive there will be many more to come! 

I can see from the referrals on my website that traffic is definitely redirected from the Epiphany website. 

I am happy to be part of the Epiphany family :) 



It was flattering be invited to part of Shop Epiphany’s brand directory run by Jess who is passionate, authentic and driven!! Several months down the line we’re super grateful for the benefits we’ve enjoyed - our social media following has increased significantly and Shop Epiphany is the strongest external driver directly traffic to our website. The directory has also introduced us to brands we resonate with and our proud to be amongst. Over and above that we’re lucky to have Jess as a local supporting us and pushing us to be better! 


Being featured on the Shop Epiphany Brand Directory has been an incredible journey and a very proud moment for SWISH + SWAY as a South African female-owned business.


Jess, the owner and creative genius of the Shop Epiphany Directory has been an absolute dream to work with, always supporting and encouraging the Directory brands to do better.


The collaboration opportunities, social media followings and product purchases that S + S has received from Shop Epiphany’s product and brand recommendations have without a doubt enhanced our business and local brand awareness, especially having launched our clothing brand just before covid.


I would highly recommend any local/female-owned small business that feels they might align with the directory, to reach out to Jess


Joining the Epiphany family has been nothing short of a blessing. From the word go Jess and I clicked and I feel

like she “got it”. She understood my vision, journey and needs as a business. With her bubbling personality,

authentic approach and keen eye for all things beautiful, Jess is my go to girl. I love being apart of the big hearted,

strong community that is Epiphany. Jess took the concept of a directory and morphed it into a refreshing, personal

and honest platform for South African female run businesses. I could not be happier with my decision to join.


rate card

rate card 20/21

see below or click here to download:

pricing 30.04.21.png


*Please note that no trade swops will be accepted as payment of any kind.

10% of all subscription fee's are donated to Angel's Care Centre in Howick.

To find out more on our charity Angels Care Centre, please click HERE

One full calendar months notice required to cancel listing.

Your listing is at our discretion and you will only be listed should you meet our listing requirements.

Cancellation charged at 60% of total Subscription Fee remaining for Subscription period.

You are able to upgrade your plan to a larger subscription whilst on your current plan, however should you wish to downgrade you will be charged 60% of the difference in price for the remaining period of your subscription.


Please note that story and feed posts are at our discretion in order to preserve authenticity, feed aesthetic and balance. 

Quantity of content sent to us in terms of photography and/ information will further effect our ability to feature your brand more often. 

In order to maximise the use of our platform and your subscription, we advise information for new product or collection drops, sales, giveaways or specials be sent at least one week in advance in order for content to be planned efficiently and effectively.

Please ensure that should you wish for monthly curations to include new stock releases, we are notified of such at least one week prior to the end of the month.


Subscription fee is payable in advance.



My heart is set on encouraging a conscious consumer who chooses to support local.

I hope you will join me on this journey…


Contact me:

Jessica Campbell

082 693 2220

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