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What do we do here?

Epiphany is not a stockist but rather a marketing platform that is designed to drive traffic to your website, as well as showcase local, luxury brands that we love.


As the founder, Jessica, is very hands on with the brands we list, as well as, with the involvement on the Epiphany instagram feed to ensure this is an authentic marketing ground that is trusted by our audience.


We have built a strong following that comes to Epiphany for loved local luxury. We believe that only listing beautiful brands that resonate with who we are and what we value as a whole is the key to our success.



 list on the epiphany directory

Our Epiphany directory has grown from 18 to over 85 brands who we love and adore.

Some brands have been with us from the get go, others have joined us for a season, many have grown and taken on more of our services, and some are just starting their journey with Epiphany.

With each brand our goal is to build a connection with your team as well as work towards achieving brand recognition amongst our followers.

The speed at which we are able to achieve this is of course based on the package you select.

what brands say

"It was flattering be invited to part of Shop Epiphany’s brand directory run by Jess who is passionate, authentic and driven!! Several months down the line we’re super grateful for the benefits we’ve enjoyed - our social media following has increased significantly and Shop Epiphany is the strongest external driver directly traffic to our website. The directory has also introduced us to brands we resonate with and our proud to be amongst. Over and above that we’re lucky to have Jess as a local supporting us and pushing us to be better!"


 one on one consulting

As a passionate creative who has worked in local industry, owned retail spaces, dealt with many local manufacturers and come to know hundreds of local brand founders, Jess understands the struggles and daily endeavours brand owners face.

As the “CEO”, “curator”, “website designer”, “faux-tographer”, “content creator”, “accountant” and “social media manager” of Epiphany,  Jess understands what it’s like to wear a multitude of hats as the owner of your own business, as well as the importance of getting advice when you need it.

After attending too many business strategy, social media and content creation workshops to count, years of experience and invaluable coaching from truly talented people, Jess has gained valuable insight into the running of a successful local brand.

We all learn as we go, but to have somebody share their experiences and insights with you is one of the best ways to get ahead of your competition.

This year alone Jess has grown the Epiphany following by over 8000 followers, built a nationally recognised online directory and become a trusted source for product reviews.

If you want to be the best, you can’t do it alone. Community, advice and a second set of eyes is one of the best ways to invest in your business whether it is established or just starting out.


what brands say

Starting a business (regardless of it being a side hustle) is hard, and requires so much dedication and resources. 

Having that one-on-one sessions with Jess not only enlightened me but it empowered me to build self confidence in myself and my brand!

With fear and mostly lack of resources one develops lots of anxiety and lack of self esteem in the business. Meeting with Jess made me learn to draw up doable items and answer meaningful questions that will help me grow.

I’m thankful to have her on speed dial when I want to make a rational decision. She is always on the other side to be the voice of reason. 

My one on one's with Jess have been the mentorship I have been needing as an eCommerce business owner and small business owner, and a woman who knows nothing about marketing and business exposure in the digital space, which I think Jess, you have mastered beautifully (over the years). 

Helping someone like me who is starting off and learning the ropes is deeply admirable and gives one hope.

I’m so thankful for the tough love Jess gives because it goes beyond her being a business consultant but makes this more of a friendship. Jess is my personal advocate, because when she believes in a brand and even a socio-economic issue she sincerely goes all out. That on its own makes the encounter more personal and intentional to help one grow.


"Thank you so much and thank you for believing in me more than I am currently and aiding me with tools and (most importantly) with knowledge and your wisdom. Which is all done with so much kindness, passion and a lot of love!! You are the support people need when they are brave enough to start their business"



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